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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala 23.07.14

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Leo at Miami Airport 20.07.14

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Anonymous: Don't you think leo needs to grow up a little? I love him with all my heart, but I get annoyed whenever he brings his mom to an awards show. Like c'mon! You're 39, being your hot girlfriend as a date, not your mother! Oh and when he's not bringing his mom, he's bringing his dad. I think the only time he brought one of his gfs along was Giselle in 2005?

If he needs to grow up then he should bring his hot WIFE. (Now I sound like his mother lol) If anything Leo does that makes me think he needs to grow up is that he dates a new model every month. But that doesn’t bug me because it’s his life.

And plus if he brought a hot girlfriend to an event they would be nothing but another hot girlfriend. :/

GCSEs ??

So this isn’t Leo DiCaprio related and it’s pretty random but

would anyone care to explain to me what GCSEs are?

30 Day Leonardo DiCaprio challenge- Day 10

Day 10- Your favorite relationship in real life. 

Meet Leo: the mama’s boy. The mother-son relationship is adorable.

(PS- Day 10 was supposed to be posted some time last month so in other words I’m super behind and bad at keeping up with this so I give you my sincerest apologies)